Our brief was simple. Win Christmas. Not in a John Lewis, trampolining dog kind of way.  But in the cheese aisle, driving visibility of Mini Babybel over the key Christmas period.

Our answer – let adults see how #winterisawesome through a child’s eye view, using our unique brand asset, the Mini Babybel’s red cellophane wrapper.  Unfiltered, our films show an adult’s view: a negative side of winter. But using the red wrapper as a filter reveals a child’s playful version of the same scenario.

And just to be clear, we do mean the actual red wrapper – this campaign saw thousands of people holding up their Babybel wrapper to see their screens through ‘Babybel-red’ tinted glasses.

The result? A campaign that drove a significant uplift in volume sales, more than the brand’s traditional biggest campaign moment, Back to School. And a simple digital innovation that put Babybel at the top of the category at Christmas.


How we did it

Our campaign was based on one simple but powerful insight. Winter can be seen by adults as, well, a bit miserable. But for children it’s a special time of the year that brings anticipation of snow, puddles and Christmas. Remember that exciting feeling that building snowmen and making snow angels might just happen? Tomorrow?

We wanted adults to share this optimism and remember the fun that comes with this special time of year.  We wanted to show how #winterisawesome.

If you’ve eaten a Mini Babybel you’ll know that to get to the cheese you first need to unwrap the iconic red, translucent wrapper. It reminded us of something from childhood – spy pens, code breaking kits – toys where you could view a picture or story through red cellophane and see something secret.

Inspired by this we created a simple creative mechanic that could provide two views on life and had the product at their heart. Look closely at the adult view of winter through the cellophane of a Mini Babybel and you’d quite literally see the run up to Christmas through the optimistic, playful world of children and Mini Babybel.

We know that 25% of 25-44 female shoppers with kids visit social networking sites five times or more every day so to create relevance during this time, it was important to be where our audience already were.

We also knew that to get cut-through we needed to be entertaining, at a time when other brands were competing for that all important share of voice at Christmas.

Social media provided the perfect channel for this and Facebook, the perfect platform to reach parents directly on their phones.

By using these digital channels – and by creating entertaining and shareable content –  we could drive reach and awareness meeting our audience in the right place, at the right time.


The Results

  • Reach:
    • 6m people, 97% of our identified audience population target
  • Engagement:
    • 230k+ engagements
    • 42million video views (190% of planned 740k)
  • Click-through rate:
    • Our CTR benchmark was surpassed with 1.36% vs 0.55%