Maddox Yellow


Peter Maddox first hit the headlines in February this year, when vandals scratched the word “move” into the bonnet of his yellow Vauxhall Corsa, claiming it ruined the picturesque views of his Cotswold village.

As an inherently human brand, with British humour at its heart, we felt Vauxhall was uniquely placed to get involved and right this wrong.

Step 1?  A new Corsa for Pensioner Peter Maddox of course.  But there has to be more we can do to fight his, and our corner.

How about renaming Vauxhall’s yellow paint in his honour… introducing, Maddox Yellow.  And what about creating a convoy of hundreds of yellow cars celebrating Peter and his yellow Corsa, driven through the very village whose view was challenged.


How we did it

A Facebook group was started in support of Peter, and a plan was hatched to drive a convoy of yellow cars through Bibury in a show of solidarity. Those unable to attend were invited to make donations to Peter’s favourite charity, a local butterfly sanctuary.

As well as donating three yellow Vauxhall’s to the convoy and making a contribution to Peter’s beloved butterfly sanctuary, we arranged a local photographer to attend the convoy and invited news and broadcast stations down on the day.

All pretty straightforward right?

But we wanted to do more to support Peter and make sure his story, and Vauxhall’s involvement, hit the headlines. So we decided to mark the occasion with a big statement of support … changing the name of our yellow paint across the whole of the Vauxhall range to “Maddox Yellow” in Peter’s honour.

We started to tell the story.  Quickly, the public response grew.

The announcement was widely covered by media in the days before the convoy, and Vauxhall’s involvement also featured prominently in the coverage of the convoy itself.


The Results

  • Over 100 pieces of positive branded coverage, including Have I Got News For You, BBC News at Ten, UniLad and The Times
  • 34 pieces of coverage for Maddox Yellow paint name change, including 10 nationals and 3 broadcast, with a total OTS of 414,395,511
  • Highlights included The Sun, The Daily Telegraph and MailOnline, who all led with a branded headline and the Maddox Yellow paint name change
  • One customer even wrote to us saying “In these days of corporate blandness and political correctness, it is refreshing to find a major company exhibiting a sense of humour. Very well done indeed.”