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How did the world’s media fall in love with a fresh-breathed Parisian with a British accent? The answer lies in Time Out’s inaugural 2015 Global Dating Survey.

Working with Time Out’s editorial team, and its extensive research into the dating habits of over 11,000 people in 24 cities, we crafted a simple yet sticky story that became a global talking point.

Reaching over 259 million people in ten countries and continents, our work with Time Out put the iconic multi-media brand on the world stage and significantly increased traffic to its website.

 What we did

Time Out’s Global Dating Survey delved into the juiciest dating secrets of over 11,000 readers in 24 cities. Working closely with Time Out’s editorial team, we unpicked the results to create a story that would take the world’s media by storm.

The global consensus revealed that Brits had by far the most attractive accent in the world, beating the Americans, Irish, Australians and even the French (yes, even the French).

Along with this, we uncovered a number of other facts including:

  • On average it is acceptable to have sex with a new partner half way through the fourth date
  • Paris is the most dateable city in the world
  • More than half (58%) of global daters go Interpol on their dates, stalking them on social media before they meet
  • Bad breath is the ultimate dating deal breaker

We knew we had a gem of a story on our hands. Working with Time Out’s teams in key markets around the world, including the USA, we released the story to consumer media, accompanied by an eye-catching infographic.


The survey’s findings captured the attention of people the world over and became a catalyst for debate across multiple media channels.

Results included:

  • 130 pieces of coverage, with 12 articles in national UK media including The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Mail Online, Metro, The Huffington Post and The Independent
  • Other coverage highlights include Stylist, The Debrief, Refinery29, Glamour, TIME, The Week, MTV, MSN and Yahoo!
  • A reach of 259 million and a cost per thousand of £0.02
  • 29,600 shares alone on Mashable
  • Global coverage in American, Australian, Chinese, Irish, Russian, African, Canadian, Italian and Indian media
  • The sexiest accent debate also featured on TV, making an appearance on Channel 4’sThe Last Leg and America’s flagship Today show
  • Celebs even got in on the action. Tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki and pop star Ariana Grande waded into the debate, and comedian David Mitchell made the story the main focus of his Observer column