When WWF came to us to raise awareness of the plight of the Western Grey Whale – a species on the brink of extinction – we knew we needed to galvanise people’s support online.

With only 130 Western Grays left in the world, the species was threatened with extinction due to the development of a third oil and gas platform off the coast of Sakhalin Island.

How we did it:

We created #TheLast130, an integrated campaign that could not be ignored.

To kick the campaign off we floated a 40 foot whale down the Thames. Simultaneously we targeted the employees of the banks supporting the oil and gas platform with the Daily Whale, a newspaper we distributed outside the offices of the three banks’ London HQs.

A central campaign website drove consumer action and digital engagement. And to increase reach we recruited Mr Scruff to create an animation, which sat at the heart of our social media amplification and blogger outreach.

The result:

• All three banks’ CEOs reached out to WWF in the first two weeks of the campaign
• The campaign was raised at the meeting of the Western Grey Whale Advisory Panel in Geneva
• And on 31 May 2012, WWF announced that Sakhalin Energy had decided to delay the decision to build the third platform.

#TheLast130 was shortlisted for Best Digital Campaign in both the PR Week and PRCA Awards