Plusnet Pioneers


How did we increase brand consideration and help to drive sales for Plusnet’s business offering in just one quarter?

With Plusnet Pioneers, we moved away from the tired, traditional sponsorship model and adopted a modern, PR-led partnership that brought the brand’s helpful credentials to life for the small business community.

Through a unique programme of live events, mentoring and native media content, we created a genuinely helpful, shareable and interesting campaign with the needs of small business owners at its heart.


What we did

 We set out to uncover the worries that keep small business owners up at night and assembled a crack-team of 12 experts – our Plusnet Pioneers – to help address these issues by offering advice through a series of content, live events and mentoring initiatives.

Working with, the biggest online community for small businesses in the UK, we questioned business owners to identify the three key areas where they felt they were ‘winging it’ – marketing, funding and talent.

Using these insights, we created a series of videos, interviews, mentoring partnerships, guides and live events in cities across the UK, that were played out in several stages – each amplified through the Startups media partnership, PR, CRM, Plusnet’s social channels and bought media.



All too often, reach trumps creativity when it comes to branded partnerships. The quest to buy eyeballs means that creating genuinely helpful, engaging content is an afterthought.

Plusnet Pioneers set out to do things differently, demonstrating the strength of an integrated paid and earned media partnership. 

  • The campaign contributed to a significant increase in brand consideration amongst business owners who were aware of Plusnet Pioneers and an increase in online visitors to the Plusnet Business website
  • 44 pieces of PR coverage with 8 nationals, including Mail Online, The Telegraph and The Sun
  • 441,528,836 OTS via PR
  • Over 500 people registered to attend three live events
  • partnership content delivered an average dwell time of 3 mins 27 secs
  • Bought media channels all performed above benchmarks set at the beginning of the campaign