Native Age


Tasked with demonstrating the Huffington Post’s industry leadership in Native Advertising, Kaper’s The Native Age project has directly generated £175,000 of revenue for the media owner.

Taking a role as thought leader and armed with the insights from a three-month research project, we helped the industry define this new advertising trend and created best practice guidelines that have been praised by other media owners and leading media agencies.

What we did: 

The brief to Kaper was simple. Ensure HuffPost continues to lead in Native advertising.

With new entrants in this space like Buzzfeed and The Guardian, we had to ensure HuffPost kept its position as the de-facto industry leader of Native.

AOL and the Huffington Post had long been trailblazers in this space, but hype around this new buzzword was creating confusion and getting in the way of sales.

We wanted to cut through the hype by giving our core B2B audience of advertisers, media agencies and brand marketers two clear outputs:

  1. A clear definition of what is (and what isn’t) Native advertising
  2. Clear guidance on industry best practices in Native advertising

Through extensive research with consumers and industry professionals, we took the lead and produced the most comprehensive study into Native advertising to date.

We also enabled HuffPost to become its own best case study, with the creation of a Native Age content channel on HuffPost itself, which became (and is still) a lively hub for industry debate, blogs, discussions, info graphics and videos.


The Native Age findings have been widely covered across key trade press, including Campaign, Media Week, The Independent and The Drum, with a reach of 3 million.

Since launching in October 2013, the research has been presented to over 60 agencies, industry bodies and publishers, and won the best research and Insight category at the AOP Digital Publishing Awards 2014.

By providing a clear definition, language and best practice guide for clients, agencies and publishers alike we helped transform the industry’s view of and approach to Native advertising. Add in the growth in AOL’s reputation and the ongoing exploitation of our research, and the client was pleased to describe this as the company’s most successful brand reputation project to date.