London Launch


The brief

How do you launch an Australian ginger beer brand to an audience of young Londoners who are discerning, socially savvy and always ahead of the counter-culture curve?

Although Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a cult product in its heartland, awareness and trial is low in the UK, while competition within the soft drink market is high.

We wanted to embrace the craft-brewed heritage and real ingredients of Bundaberg Ginger Beer, but with lots of other ginger beer brands playing in the same space, we used the aspirational outdoor Australian lifestyle to set ourselves apart from the competition.

The campaign

Millenials lives in an experience economy – they are defined by what they do, rather than what they own, so we needed to make Bundaberg Ginger Beer part of the summer experiences that young Londoners love.

The first sunny weekends spent chilling in the park. Summer nights watching films under the stars. The explosion of street food markets. We created bespoke partnerships across London to encourage people to try Bundaberg Ginger Beer for the first time.

Partners were chosen for their brand fit and popularity with our target audience – from Shoreditch’s Box Park and Roof Top Film Club, to Summer Tales and London Grind – and they became advocates for the brand. As a result, Bundaberg Ginger Beer featured in drinks menus across six London venues and sold over 10,000 bottles from partnerships alone.

We also introduced London to a sampling team of Brew Riders, who rode across the parks of East London introducing the brand to our target audience., as well as increasing our presence at our partner venues.

And whilst Londoners drank ice cold Bundaberg Ginger Beer in the sun, the rest of the UK read about it in the likes of Bar Magazine, Urban Junkies, Reveal and Foodepedia, featured as a product and within food recipes and cocktails.


  • 12% sales growth in the UK
  • 23,000 people enjoyed Bundaberg samples across London
  • Sales of over 10,000 bottles of Bundaberg through partnerships (with paid listings secured in 3 venues as a result)
  • 38 pieces of media coverage across trade and consumer media
  • Increased Facebook fans by 32% in 5 months
  • Branded Bundaberg cocktails featured on drinks menus across 6 London venues