May the 4th be with you

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

…Actually not that long ago or far away, May the 4th and Barmarama to be precise. It was Kaper’s turn to host the famous bar night , and there was a clear winning theme Star Wars!


The bar was transformed into a truly galactic occasion! There were Hutt Dogs and Leia Buns (which definitely weren’t Chewie) to eat, drinks included Storm Trooper and Death Star beers, there were also Wookie Water and Yoda Soda on offer for all thirsty Rebels.


Performances from Karmarama’s own amazing Jaja Kisses and Master Luke started off the evenings proceedings and a performance from BBC’s Sound of 2017, the husky and captivating Tom Grennan finished off the live music.

Darth Vader even made an appearance, taking a night off fighting the rebellion and dropping his usual steely attitude to have a drink with the team – although this had to be through a straw in his mask!


Big shout out to Kat Feather for leading the rebellion – the force is strong with this one!